Kangra Valley

Kangra Valley is situated between the mighty Dhauladhar mountain range and the lower Shivalik hills. The Valley is known for its temples, forts and rich art and culture.

Bajreshwari Temple

Bajreshwari temple resides in the heart of Kangra valley. This temple has attracted many foreign invaders in the past because of its wealth. Bajreshwari temple is dedicated to Goddess Bajreshwari Devi. In 1905 the temple was completely destroyed by an earthquake, it was rebuilt in 1920.

Kangra Fort

The Kangra Fort is located on the outskirts of Kanga town. It was built on a hill at the confluence of the Banganga and Patal Ganga. The Fort was built by the founder of Katoch Dynasty, Bhuma Chand. You can see the old architecture in the temples built in the fort premises. Roaming around in the fort you can’t help but imagine what it feels like to be walking in an ancient era.


Dharamshala is the main hill station in the Kangra Valley. Dharamshala is divided into 2 parts, Lower Dharamshala and Upper Dharamshala. Lower Dharamshala (1250m) is the busy commercial area with government buildings and the bazaar. Whereas, Upper Dharamshala has suburbs named Forsythganj and Mcleodganj.


Mcleodganj is a charming Tibetan settlement. It is also the place where His Holiness Dalai Lama resides. Mcleodganj is the major center of Tibetan culture. The bazaar of Mcleodganj is full of Tibetan products. The Tibetan Institute for the Performing Arts, and Handicrafts holds the old, rare manuscripts and ancient texts.

Tsechokling Gompa

“Tsechokling Gompa” a beautiful monastery in Mcleodganj. This monastery is replica of the Original Dip Tse Chok Ling monastery of Tibet.

St. John Church in the Wilderness

St. John Church, otherwise called St. John In The Wilderness, is an Anglican church located at Forsyth Ganj while in transit to McLeod Ganj in the midst of lovely deodar trees.

Bhagsu nag Temple and Waterfall

An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Bhagsu nag village. A Beautiful Bhagsu nag waterfall makes this small village worth visiting while you are on trip to Mcleodganj.

Namgyalma Stupa

Namgyalma Stupa is an old Buddhist structure situated at Uparli Barol. Namgyalma Stupa is a bean-shaped structure that holds the corpse of the Buddha.

Gyuto Monastery

The Gyuto Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries located on the way to Palampur.

Dal Lake

The beautiful sacred lake located at the elevation of 1775 meters surrounded by deodar trees.

Guna Devi Temple

A small trek from Mcleodganj will take you to the Guna Devi Temple which is a holy place for local Gaddi shepherd tribe.

Tsuglagkhang / Dalai Lama Temple

Tsuglag Khang, also known as Dalai Lama’s Temple, is the home for His Holiness Dalai Lama. Tsuglagkhang Monastery is beautifully built structure where you can feel peace in your mind.