Mountain Life

Mountain Life

Mountain life is a fantasy for any guy living in a city. If you are mountain lover, then you must’ve thought about living there. But before you pack your bags and move-in the mountains, a little knowledge about the place will help you fit right in.

India has high and long range of mountains in north and north-eastern parts that is known as Himalaya. A 2,600 Km long range starts from Jammu & Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal also lie in the Himalayan range.

The Climate is also quite different than the plains. The summer months of May and June are not that hot. Moreover, at many places even in the summer, ice doesn’t melt. This pleasant weather is what lures tourist and people from plains to evade the hot summers.

The residents of mountains are mostly farmers. Terrace or step farming is done on the slopes of the mountains. Maize, rice, tea, and other crops are grown as per the need and the height they are living in. Mountains are also the best place for orchards. Fruits like apple, peaches, pears, and plums are common in these regions.

Due to heavy snowfall, roofs of the houses on mountains have sloping roofs. Slopes helps in preventing the accumulation of rain water and snow on the roof. The houses are either made of wood and other common building materials such as concrete and bricks.

When it comes to clothing, there is a famous saying, “Jaisa desh, waisa bhes” (In Rome do as the Romans do). You will see a vast difference in the clothing in the mountains and the plains. In Himachal Pradesh, women wear Kurtas and Churidars with scarves tied on their heads. Whereas, men wear Kurtas tied at the waist with a band.

You’ll also see a diverse variety in the food. There are a number of pahari dishes that you can eat if you are bored with the common dishes you eat back home.  Dham, Mittha, Sidu, Babru, Chana Madra, and many other mouth-watering cuisines are hot and ready to be served there.

So, with all these basic information, you can plan your stay in the mountains. Be it a short halt or a long-term stay, if you change yourself a little according to the local customs and traditions, then within a short time, you won’t feel like an outsider rather you will become a part of mountain life. And, that’s the magic of mountains, it makes you a part of itself.

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