Why Himalaya is a Heaven for Bird Watcher

Why Himalaya is a Heaven for Bird Watcher

Himalaya a heaven for bird watcher

In a fast-paced life, it is very important to take a break and enjoy the beauty of nature. Himalaya is without a question one of the best places with true essence of nature. With a diverse ecosystem, especially birds, it makes a perfect destination for bird lover. Because of some rarest species of birds Himalaya has become a heaven for bird watcher.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand has always been a favourite among travellers and adventurers. be it someone looking for a getaway from their predictable life, or someone who’s just out for yet another adventure.

The footholds of the Himalaya are not just great for trekking, river rafting and sightseeing, but is perfect for bird watching. There are numerous species of birds that you can see. Among the plethora of common species, you can get an opportunity to see the rare ones.

Amongst the long list of birds that resides in the region, there are 3 species that you should know about and must take some time from your trip to find them in the wild.

Himalayan Monal:

As the state bird of Uttrakhand and national bird of Nepal. Monal is one of the most beautiful birds in the Indian subcontinent. With an average length of 70 centimetre and weight up to 2380 gm for male and 2150 gm for female, this is a bird you shouldn’t miss. Unfortunately, in some areas it is threatened due to poaching.

Himalayan Quail:

The thing that makes this bird worth all the patience is that it is one of the rarest birds found on earth and is currently known only in the western Himalayas in Uttrakhand. Surely, a rare opportunity for bird-lovers.

Himalayan Golden Eagle:

This raptor is one of the best-known predators in the Northern Hemisphere. They are dark brown in colour and with a lighter golden-brown plumage on their napes. This is a bird that shows the best of nature; beauty, wilderness, and freedom.

Apart from these birds, there are many rare and beautiful species in the region, such as Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Himalayan Black Bulbul, Himalayan Black-lored tit and many other species. If you are nature lover, especially a bird watcher, then Himalaya is a right place ready to be explored.


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